Emma Carew

BWW Review: Weathervane's JEKYLL & HYDE Bloody, Brilliant

"'In His Eyes' is one of the most moving points of the show with Szczerba and Herrold singing a duet about their love for Jekyll from separate parts of the stage."


Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical (Weathervane Playhouse – Newark, OH)

"Ms. Szczerba has quite a bit less to work with in terms of characterization as Emma, but she does wonders with what is there. She’s appealing in a way that would make her a natural fit for Dr. Jekyll, and her singing voice is particularly striking during “In His Eyes,” her unlikely duet with Ms. Herrold’s Lucy; their voices are so different in style that they don’t compete with each other as I’ve heard other performers do with this same song, resulting in a beautiful mix of their voices that allows both to be heard."


Photo Credit: Chad DiBlasio