Week #13 (the week of March 27th)

Go somewhere alone and write this blog there

Hello wonderful people,

Coming at you from 44th st. and 8th ave. in the upper lobby of Row NYC Hotel. It somehow seems to have become the hangout for my friends and I, usually after we've seen a show and have gotten some yummy cookies from Schmackary's, which is conveniently right around the corner (;  You could definitely say that it has become our "go-to" place. 

We did it. My classmates and I completed our Senior Showcase in New York City! It is crazy to think that from the very day we were accepted into Otterbein, we realized we would be performing in New York City, in just four short years, at our Senior Showcase. And now it's over with. I am so proud of my classmates not only for our hard work, time and dedication to our art, but to making our Senior Showcase a celebration. A celebration of the last 4 years together as a class, friends and family. A celebration of our growth. A celebration of our smiles, laughter, tears and anger. A celebration of feeling, learning, failing, playing, loving, performing, rehearsing, supporting, releasing and so much more. A celebration of being alive and what we love to do. Each one of us performed so amazingly and you could just tell how much fun everyone was having and there was SO MUCH love and support surrounding us in the audience (both alumni and our families), in NYC in general, back at Otterbein in good old Westerville, and all over. I think I can speak for everyone when I say our hearts were beaming and overflowing with the love we felt and were sharing with each other. In fact I think we all had to turn our phones on airplane mode at one point because they were blowing up with love! I am forever thankful and reminded of the Otterbein Family I have, but this day was a bit extra for both of those. This by far goes down as my favorite day of my Otterbein career. I love Otterbein, the people who have come and gone, who are still there, and last but certainly not least, the 12 people I have spent my last four years with. There is no one else I would've rather completed this journey with. I cannot wait to watch you guys blossom and grow from here on out as artists and people in the world. Congratulations on an amazing four years, I love you guys. 

And the biggest thank you to our families, for believing in the arts, encouraging us and supporting us in the pursuit of our dreams. Mama, Tata and Andrew, you guys are my rocks and my world. I love you endlessly.

Thanks as always for being faithful readers. XO.