WEEKS 11&12 (the weeks of March 13th & March 20th)
Brooklyn Bridge
Central Park: Spector Playground, The Delacorte Theater, Belvedere Castle

Hi friends!
Shout out to my Tata (“Dad” in Polish) for his birthday having been in Week 11! Hope it was just as wonderful and entertaining as you are! Sto Lat! Love you!

A crazy amount of stuff happened this week but to keep this short I’ll just mention some highlights:
*Auditioned my first time for an EPA, Love Never Dies!
*Had a callback for the Disney Cruise Line! SO FUN and SO MAGICAL! (:
*Worked the StrawHat Auditions for Timbers Dinner Theatre! A HUGE “Thank you” to David Hemsley Caldwell and Tap Briody for the opportunity! What a cool and informative experience.
*Had rehearsal for the next piece I will be performing in, Periastron, written by the ever-talented Steven Meeker Jr. and directed by Evan Moore-Coll, sharing the stage with my continuous partner in crime, Lauren Kent! Too excited to be creating with these people, yet again. Thankful for the opportunity! Come check us out, we open Saturday, April 8th at The Kraine Theater as a group in The Big Apple Theater Fesitival!

*Got to enjoy an evening with some wonderful “Weathervane Family”! Always a treat to spend time with such good and kind people. Thank you to Katelyn, Jan and Sally for an absolutely lovely evening in the city!

Week 12 flew by in the wink of an eye! So much was happening. In fact, I feel like these last two weeks have flown by, hence them being combined together! Week 12 Steven and I decide to make a weekend out of events! We not only walked across the Brooklyn Bridge but we also visited three different locations in Central Park! So glad to say that Steven and I LUCKED out with weather on the day we decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was the perfect day, sunny, not too hot not too cold, a little breeze. I've walked across the bridge a couple times before but it never gets less breathtaking. Even though we are technically not on ground level when walking across the bridge, being up on that bridge is so grounding and humbling. It really makes me stop, look around  and think about how beautiful the city I live in is and how grateful I should always be of the life and energy that surrounds me. Steven and I checked out Spector Playground (because we all need to have some play ground time every now and then and allow ourselves to be a kid), The Delacorte Theater (UM HELLO, AMAZING) and Belvedere Castle (can I pretend I’m a princess in a movie and live here?).  These are just a small few of the hidden gems in Central Park. I’m definitely looking forward to hanging out at these locations and the other secret places in Central Park, once it gets warmer outside (: Also, free shows at the Delacorte Theater in the summer? YES, PLEASE! (:

Not only did I get to spend time with a friend who lives in town, but I was also able to enjoy some time with my very dear friend, Karen, who was crazy and kind enough to make the trek all the way from Florida where she is completing a professional internship at Disney World (YES KAREN!) to New York City to see the Class of 2017’s Senior Showcase and cheer us on. I am so happy to have gotten to show you around the city and spent some quality time with you even though it was short. I am so proud of you, keep making magic in Disney.

Onto the most recent show I’ve had the opportunity to see on Broadway. Waitress. I am speechless. Go see it. You will fall in love. The story, the characters, the music, the choreography and aspect of physical theatre, the energy, the smell of the fresh pie. You will leave that theatre so fulfilled, refreshed and inspired, I guarantee it. Shout out to my amazing Godfather, Patrick, for the tickets. I love you, thank you so much for your constant love, support and generosity.

Thanks for checking in friends! Coming up next in my blog is SHOWCASE WEEK! (: Talk to you soon! 




❤️❤️  Romeo and Juliet statue at the Delacorte Theater ❤️❤️


Showing Karen around the city!! (: 


Who doesn't love swinging? 🙈 


We ❤️ NYC  


Weathervane Family! ❤️ 


Northview Wildcats reunited in the city!! ✨