Week #9 (the week of February 27th)

Choice event with at least one alumni

This week was filled with Otters and I am totally okay with that, and I'm not just saying that because my apartment seemed to become a hotel that hosted many Otters that traveled from Columbus to New York for their Spring Break (: 

This being my first week I could start going on auditions without the worry of being late to internship, I was not happy when I lost my voice over the weekend which continued through the middle of the week. I don't know if I didn't fully kick whatever bug I had a couple weeks ago, but it sure did feel like the same thing from last time, but with no voice. No voice=no fun. At least it waited 'til after internship to hit me though because trying to do internship with no voice and feeling like I did would've been rough! 

Thankfully, by the middle of the week I was feeling better and although my voice was not fully back, it was getting there! And just in time to be ready for our dress rehearsal and opening night of More Than/Less Than at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre!!! Woo! Hey, NEW YORK CITY ACTING DEBUT! Could not have been more proud of my kind and talented classmates for all of the hard work that's been done on this fantastic play written by my dear friend and classmate. How cool it is to have been alongside and shared in the different NYC debuts with my friends. A NYC writing debut, directing debut and 3 acting debuts. Being able to perform again felt so great and enlightening. Taking that bow while holding the hands of two of my wonderful friends was a great feeling. Although bows are usually the ending, this to me felt like the beginning of something amazing. 

Out of the kindness and incredible  generosity of Otterbein Alum and Broadway Producer, Randy Adams, I had the great pleasure of seeing the new Broadway musical Come From Away. Not only was I able to watch an incredible story being told, but I got to share this experience with another Otterbein Alum, Corinne Munsch! It was so delightful getting to catch up with Corinne and to hear about her life touring and what she's been up to lately! From the minute the show started we were completely enthralled by the story. I am a sucker for true stories so the fact that this show and the characters were based off of real events and people made me that much more invested. Everyone should see this show because it is completely relevant to the world and the events that are happening in it now. This is a timeless show because it holds messages within it that will continually be important for us, as human beings to understand and remember. We are all from the same universe. Different locations, but all from the same universe in it's whole. We are different, but at the same time we are one. RUN to see this show. It is unbelievably moving, informative, entertaining, enthralling, eye-opening and so much more. I cannot say enough good things about it. Thank you again to Randy Adams for the tickets to experience this beautiful story!

Shout out to all the Otters out there, near and far! Thanks for following my journey (: Keep spreading the love! (: 


Pre-performance Pop Tarts!  

Pre-performance Pop Tarts!