WEEK #8 (the week of February 20th)

Yep, you read that right. This was my last week of internship! I know, crazy fast. I feel like I blinked and it was over! It was definitely a bittersweet week knowing that my internship journey was about to be over. It was kind of sad and weird to know that I had completed my last "class" for my undergraduate career. That thought really hit me on the last day. Of course, I was excited too because now I was going to be able to go on auditions more often and expand on doing what I've been trained to do while I was at Otterbein. Speaking of Otterbein, I was absolutely beaming with Otter Pride when I was sitting in on a Buddy Holly session and Otterbein's very own Marina Pires walked in for an appointment for the role of Maria Elena. Absolutely every aspect of Marina's appointment was STUNNING. She completely became the character, dropped into the given circumstances, acted truthfully and adjusted her material beautifully when she was asked. I could not have been happier to have watched Marina story-tell her material and to have been able to support her from behind the table. I am so thankful for the experiences, such as this one, that I was given at Tara Rubin Casting, but it's time for the next chapter on my journey and I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing some familiar faces behind the table for upcoming auditions (: 

This week was also exciting because we were in our first rehearsal studio for More Than/Less Than at Shetler Studios! Woo!! Not that I didn't love rehearsing in the comfort of my own apartment in the ever lovely Washington Heights! It was on the smaller side, but it was actually the perfect size for our location of the play anyways: a college dorm room! In addition to this we had a lovely group of people next door belting Britney Spears, Journey and other great songs, which also reminded us of being in a college dorm building haha! So that definitely helped us get into our environment and focus a little harder on our own given circumstances in the play (:

That's all for now, friends. Thanks for checking in (: 



Thanks for everything, Tara Rubin Casting Agency!