This week was a little all over the place, and so was I. The week started off with a lovely adventure to find an urgent care that took my insurance. Woof. Let me tell you, running around and riding the subway around New York while you’re sick and it’s windy, rainy and cold is not my cup of tea haha. On the bright side, in my attempt to find an urgent care that took my insurance I got to see some parts of New York that I hadn’t before, i.e. 215th st! Unfortunately, the urgent care near there did not take my insurance, unlike what the website led me to believe, so then I made a delightful trip all the way down to 42nd st. and thankfully achieved my goal! Unfortunately, this was the first time I had to miss internship as well L but I know how important self-care is and I did not want to expose other people in the office to my bug! After a week of steroids and antibiotics, that bug was kicked to the curb! Thank goodness! After my first dose of those, I was able to return to work the next day feeling much better and back on my game (:

We got our first utility bill and let me tell you, I was nervous to see that number. What a pleasant surprise it was to see that it was MUCH less than I expected and even better it was going to be split 3 ways! And I am sooo thankful for radiator heat!!!

That week Jenna and I had the opportunity to see the Broadway production of On Your Feet! and it was an ABSOLUTE BLAST! We were definitely “on our feet” by the end of the show! The dancing was INCREDIBLE. I don’t understand how they were even moving their bodies that way. You have to have an immense amount of training in that style to be able to what they were doing on that stage. I swear they were moving all parts of their bodies in different ways all at once, it was amazing. Go see this show, Gloria Estefan’s story is incredible. You will have a ball and leave feeling so inspired!

I had the pleasure of ending my week with a quick trip home to Columbus (and Toledo for like 4 hours) for the Roundtable Theatre Awards! It felt so weird to be back. Not a bad weird, just weird. It’s crazy how quickly you adapt to the city. After just over a month, being in a car felt so weird since I’ve gotten so accustomed to being in a subway! I was able to spend quality time with loved ones (including but not just my sweet puppy nephew!) that I’ve been missing quite a bit and nothing beats time like that. Although it was SUPER short (arrived in Columbus Saturday 11am, headed back to Toledo on Sunday night at 10pm, flew out of Detroit at 6am) it was well worth the trip just to see my loved ones.

So yes, literally all over the place! If you’re exhausted from reading this, I don’t blame you. However, I so appreciate you taking the time to do so!

Have a beautiful day all, see you next time! (:


My sweet puppy nephew, Ralphie! 😍