WEEK 6 (the week of February 6th)  

Event: Museum

Hi friends!

This week contained my first SNOW DAY!!! (: YAY! I LOVED waking up and seeing the park outside of my window and the sparkly snow completely covering it while the huge fluffy flakes fell down. I was completely content staying all cozied up in my bed and just gazing out the window at winter’s beauty!

School of Rock seemed to kind of be the main theme of this week! Tara Rubing Casting is in search of an actor to play the role od Dewey Finn in the Broadway production of School of Rock so Jenna and I were assigned a project to research schools, theatres, publications, websites, wedding bands, music clubs and comedy clubs in New York, Toronto, LA, Chicago and a couple other locations to email flyers with the open call to. You might think, “oh that’s a piece of cake”! but boy oh boy, there are A LOT of all of the above. Trying to find contact information for some places was like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Because, finding lists of places, yes, was easy. It was the finding their contacts that was the difficult thing. We were sending the flyer through email, so if there was no email listed then we would call the location and ask for an email. It was fun though when we got to leave a voicemail at the place and then the location would call back asking for us actually, a change of pace I’d say! So this task was a bit tiring and repetitive (especially once we started sending the emails), but nonetheless WE DID IT! WOO!

My friend and classmate, David, was also kind enough to offer up a free ticket to see School of Rock with him, so of course I was like YES PLEASE!! It is so hard to believe that Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote that show. You think of all the other things he’s wrote such as Phantom of the Opera and Sunset Boulevard, and when you think about School of Rock it’s just like, one of these is not the same! Not that Phantom of the Opera and Sunset Boulevard are the same, but theyre also not a pop rock musical haha! Nonetheless, the talent up on that stage was unreal. Those kids absolutely BLEW ME AWAY. They were so cute, talented and looked like they were having so much fun and all seemed completely invested in the show. The energy was absolutely radiating into the audience. The actor who played the role of Dewey Finn when I saw it had an UNREAL voice. My goodness you must have to have such vocal training and vocal health knowledge to sing that track so frequently and not lose your voice. I will never be able to get over how talented those kids were though.

If you have not been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, GO. It is a true spectacle. However, when you go, make sure you give yourself the whole day because there is sooooo much to see and explore and you’ll want to take your time so you’re not overwhelmed. I’m a sucker for seeing how fashion has grown over the time periods and in the different cultures so I of course fell in LOVE with the jewelry from the Greeks and Ancient Egyptians. It was absolutely breathtaking to see. I definitely will go back to this museum again to explore more of the exhibits, because I unfortunately ran out of time to see every single one of them!

Have a lovely rest of the week/weekend and thanks for stopping by! (:


Too stoked to rock out!! 🤘🏻