WEEK 3 (The week of January 16th):
Broadway Show

This week was a whirlwind. GREAT, but definitely a whirlwind!

As much OJ as I tried chugging, to no avail, I caught the bug that has been going around NYC. As if our weeks here weren't already tiring, add a sinus infection onto that, WOOF. As our favorite blue fish, Dory, would say "Just keep swimming!" which is exactly what I've been doing (:

On Monday I received exciting news that I had been nominated for EXCELLENCE IN A LEAD ROLE- MUSICAL (FEMALE) for my role as Marian Paroo, in The Music Man, for the 2017 Theatre Roundtable Awards! I feel very fortunate and thankful to have been nominated for one of my favorite roles I have ever portrayed at one of my favorite places, Weathervane Playhouse. This role, musical, and theatre company will always hold a special place in my heart.

Last week we also had the privilege of meeting at the Actor's Equity Office for an information session with Tom Miller. Shout out to Otterbein University for being awesome and setting this up for my class! First off, this building is AMAZING. They have a sky lounge. I mean, come on! How cool is that? With a café and coffee and everything! Very modern and high tech. This meeting was so helpful, I took PAGES of notes. Ranging from different kinds of insurance, pensions, different unions, how to know if you're ready to become equity, applying to be EMC, you name it, it was probably covered! I definitely feel less overwhelmed headed into Showcase and being here with all this new information. 

To end the week, my wonderful friends and classmates Dana, Steven, Evan and I went to see our friend Jordan's (previously mentioned in last weeks blog) closing performance as Raoul in Broadway's The Phantom of the Opera. Literally in the very last row, but that didn't matter! What a bittersweet experience this was. This being one of my all-time favorite shows and also getting to see a friend perform in his dream show was so special. I was a mess as soon as the overture started, per usual. This show no matter how many times I see it, it always moves me to tears, ever since I was little. It is one of the most powerful love stories out there, in my opinion. As always, Jordan delivered a stunning performance and his passion shined through in the role of Raoul. At the curtain call, the Phantom, portrayed by James Barbour, made a beautiful speech dedicated to Jordan as a person, performer and his journey and I can't even begin to imagine what was going through Jordan's mind at that moment. Heck, I don't even know what Dana, Steven, Evan and I were thinking! Needless to say, Dana, Steven, Evan and I were simply awestruck. Definitely a night we will all remember fondly! 

 Thanks for stopping by and ta-ta for now! (:


After Jordan's closing night. Congrats, Jordan! 😊