So I realized writing a blog is really hard. Especially if you don't have specific news or a specific topic you want to write about. On the other hand you could have tons of ideas! That's where I'm at right now. I feel like there's a lot that I could potentially write about but then it's like "is that what's supposed to go in a blog?" Are there any rules to what should or shouldn't go in a blog? I'm not really sure so I guess I'll just play the game of trial and error! 

For this one, I'll bullet the highlights of my weekend, whee!

  • Opened The Addams Family (and had a blast doing it! Check out the links to reviews below)
  • Got to see/spend time with my beautiful family before and after The Addams Family
  • Parents Brunch with some of my amazing classmates and their families (we are so lucky to have these wonderful support systems)
  • My brother got a puppy, which means I'm an Aunt!!! Cutest. Puppy. Ever. His name is Ralph and he is currently 7wks. old and is a Beagle mix (my heart)!!!

If there's anything you think that should go in a blog or  that you would specifically like me to write about, please let me know! I would be happy to hear from you! 

Thanks, friends! Til next time (:

The Addams Family Reviews