A Grand Celebration

A Grand Celebration

Week #13 (the week of March 27th)

Go somewhere alone and write this blog there

Hello wonderful people,

Coming at you from 44th st. and 8th ave. in the upper lobby of Row NYC Hotel. It somehow seems to have become the hangout for my friends and I, usually after we've seen a show and have gotten some yummy cookies from Schmackary's, which is conveniently right around the corner (;  You could definitely say that it has become our "go-to" place. 

We did it. My classmates and I completed our Senior Showcase in New York City! It is crazy to think that from the very day we were accepted into Otterbein, we realized we would be performing in New York City, in just four short years, at our Senior Showcase. And now it's over with. I am so proud of my classmates not only for our hard work, time and dedication to our art, but to making our Senior Showcase a celebration. A celebration of the last 4 years together as a class, friends and family. A celebration of our growth. A celebration of our smiles, laughter, tears and anger. A celebration of feeling, learning, failing, playing, loving, performing, rehearsing, supporting, releasing and so much more. A celebration of being alive and what we love to do. Each one of us performed so amazingly and you could just tell how much fun everyone was having and there was SO MUCH love and support surrounding us in the audience (both alumni and our families), in NYC in general, back at Otterbein in good old Westerville, and all over. I think I can speak for everyone when I say our hearts were beaming and overflowing with the love we felt and were sharing with each other. In fact I think we all had to turn our phones on airplane mode at one point because they were blowing up with love! I am forever thankful and reminded of the Otterbein Family I have, but this day was a bit extra for both of those. This by far goes down as my favorite day of my Otterbein career. I love Otterbein, the people who have come and gone, who are still there, and last but certainly not least, the 12 people I have spent my last four years with. There is no one else I would've rather completed this journey with. I cannot wait to watch you guys blossom and grow from here on out as artists and people in the world. Congratulations on an amazing four years, I love you guys. 

And the biggest thank you to our families, for believing in the arts, encouraging us and supporting us in the pursuit of our dreams. Mama, Tata and Andrew, you guys are my rocks and my world. I love you endlessly.

Thanks as always for being faithful readers. XO. 


Sightseeing in the City

Sightseeing in the City

WEEKS 11&12 (the weeks of March 13th & March 20th)
Brooklyn Bridge
Central Park: Spector Playground, The Delacorte Theater, Belvedere Castle

Hi friends!
Shout out to my Tata (“Dad” in Polish) for his birthday having been in Week 11! Hope it was just as wonderful and entertaining as you are! Sto Lat! Love you!

A crazy amount of stuff happened this week but to keep this short I’ll just mention some highlights:
*Auditioned my first time for an EPA, Love Never Dies!
*Had a callback for the Disney Cruise Line! SO FUN and SO MAGICAL! (:
*Worked the StrawHat Auditions for Timbers Dinner Theatre! A HUGE “Thank you” to David Hemsley Caldwell and Tap Briody for the opportunity! What a cool and informative experience.
*Had rehearsal for the next piece I will be performing in, Periastron, written by the ever-talented Steven Meeker Jr. and directed by Evan Moore-Coll, sharing the stage with my continuous partner in crime, Lauren Kent! Too excited to be creating with these people, yet again. Thankful for the opportunity! Come check us out, we open Saturday, April 8th at The Kraine Theater as a group in The Big Apple Theater Fesitival!

*Got to enjoy an evening with some wonderful “Weathervane Family”! Always a treat to spend time with such good and kind people. Thank you to Katelyn, Jan and Sally for an absolutely lovely evening in the city!

Week 12 flew by in the wink of an eye! So much was happening. In fact, I feel like these last two weeks have flown by, hence them being combined together! Week 12 Steven and I decide to make a weekend out of events! We not only walked across the Brooklyn Bridge but we also visited three different locations in Central Park! So glad to say that Steven and I LUCKED out with weather on the day we decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was the perfect day, sunny, not too hot not too cold, a little breeze. I've walked across the bridge a couple times before but it never gets less breathtaking. Even though we are technically not on ground level when walking across the bridge, being up on that bridge is so grounding and humbling. It really makes me stop, look around  and think about how beautiful the city I live in is and how grateful I should always be of the life and energy that surrounds me. Steven and I checked out Spector Playground (because we all need to have some play ground time every now and then and allow ourselves to be a kid), The Delacorte Theater (UM HELLO, AMAZING) and Belvedere Castle (can I pretend I’m a princess in a movie and live here?).  These are just a small few of the hidden gems in Central Park. I’m definitely looking forward to hanging out at these locations and the other secret places in Central Park, once it gets warmer outside (: Also, free shows at the Delacorte Theater in the summer? YES, PLEASE! (:

Not only did I get to spend time with a friend who lives in town, but I was also able to enjoy some time with my very dear friend, Karen, who was crazy and kind enough to make the trek all the way from Florida where she is completing a professional internship at Disney World (YES KAREN!) to New York City to see the Class of 2017’s Senior Showcase and cheer us on. I am so happy to have gotten to show you around the city and spent some quality time with you even though it was short. I am so proud of you, keep making magic in Disney.

Onto the most recent show I’ve had the opportunity to see on Broadway. Waitress. I am speechless. Go see it. You will fall in love. The story, the characters, the music, the choreography and aspect of physical theatre, the energy, the smell of the fresh pie. You will leave that theatre so fulfilled, refreshed and inspired, I guarantee it. Shout out to my amazing Godfather, Patrick, for the tickets. I love you, thank you so much for your constant love, support and generosity.

Thanks for checking in friends! Coming up next in my blog is SHOWCASE WEEK! (: Talk to you soon! 




❤️❤️  Romeo and Juliet statue at the Delacorte Theater ❤️❤️


Showing Karen around the city!! (: 


Who doesn't love swinging? 🙈 


We ❤️ NYC  


Weathervane Family! ❤️ 


Northview Wildcats reunited in the city!! ✨



WEEK #10 (the week of March 6th)


Go to a concert/cabaret 

Hi friends!
As the title states, you might guess that I am very thankful. This week started off amazing and only continued to be that way as the week went on. There are so many things that I am grateful for and this week exemplifies just a few of them. 

A couple of my friends were visiting New York City and we all decided to treat ourselves to rush tickets to see Sunday in the Park with George on Tuesday night, which was absolutely stunning. So incredibly detailed and visually beautifully. The blocking was so in sync with the music. The two supported each other and worked together to forward the plot so seamlessly. Jake Gyllenhaal and Annaleigh Ashford performed as what I would describe as flawlessly. They seemed so perfect, they almost didn't seem real. Jake Gyllenhaal completely became his character. Annaleigh Ashford's voice was without a fault. She had no break in the different parts of her voice whatsoever--between her mix, belt or head voice--none! Her transitions were completely flawless and so admirable. The whole ensemble in this show was absolutely glorious and every person was completely committed to the story they were telling and the world they were in. I was absolutely enthralled from start to finish at this production. 

I finally was able to attend my first audition this week now that I was feeling better!! YAY!!! (: This was SUCH a good feeling to be getting into the room again! I'm so thankful for the experiences I had to sit in and help out at auditions during internship with Tara Rubin Casting. I feel like those opportunities really allowed me to feel more prepared and relaxed now that I kind of know what goes on behind the table. Knowing what goes into the callback and casting process really reminded me to breathe and assure me that all I can do is my very best and that is enough. Remembering these things as I audition will be very beneficial to me and will continue to make auditioning enjoyable (: 

To end a great week, the weekend was filled with Otterbein support! (: We had our final performance of More Than/Less Than on Saturday and I had the delight of getting to watch my fellow classmate and wonderful friend Dana, perform in her NYC debut, Cranky Cabaret! I was so happy to see all of the familiar faces in the audience on Saturday night and then to sit with some familiar faces on Sunday at Dana's performance. Dana, of course, was an absolute STAR in her cabaret. I loved the wide variety of songs that were performed at the Cabaret. Turns out, they don't ALL have to be cranky, haha! It was definitely an entertaining way to spend my Sunday afternoon! I'm so proud of everyone who was involved with More Than/Less Than. This ten-minute play will always hold a very special place in my heart, as well as all of these wonderful people I'm surrounded by. Things like this just remind me of how fortunate I am to have gone to a school where ensemble and a supportive environment is so greatly valued and incorporated into the teaching of the curriculum.

So, thank you guys for reading and for your constant encouragement and support. I am so thankful to have friends and family like you.

That's all for now, see you next week (: 




Otters Everywere! (:

Otters Everywere! (:

Week #9 (the week of February 27th)

Choice event with at least one alumni

This week was filled with Otters and I am totally okay with that, and I'm not just saying that because my apartment seemed to become a hotel that hosted many Otters that traveled from Columbus to New York for their Spring Break (: 

This being my first week I could start going on auditions without the worry of being late to internship, I was not happy when I lost my voice over the weekend which continued through the middle of the week. I don't know if I didn't fully kick whatever bug I had a couple weeks ago, but it sure did feel like the same thing from last time, but with no voice. No voice=no fun. At least it waited 'til after internship to hit me though because trying to do internship with no voice and feeling like I did would've been rough! 

Thankfully, by the middle of the week I was feeling better and although my voice was not fully back, it was getting there! And just in time to be ready for our dress rehearsal and opening night of More Than/Less Than at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre!!! Woo! Hey, NEW YORK CITY ACTING DEBUT! Could not have been more proud of my kind and talented classmates for all of the hard work that's been done on this fantastic play written by my dear friend and classmate. How cool it is to have been alongside and shared in the different NYC debuts with my friends. A NYC writing debut, directing debut and 3 acting debuts. Being able to perform again felt so great and enlightening. Taking that bow while holding the hands of two of my wonderful friends was a great feeling. Although bows are usually the ending, this to me felt like the beginning of something amazing. 

Out of the kindness and incredible  generosity of Otterbein Alum and Broadway Producer, Randy Adams, I had the great pleasure of seeing the new Broadway musical Come From Away. Not only was I able to watch an incredible story being told, but I got to share this experience with another Otterbein Alum, Corinne Munsch! It was so delightful getting to catch up with Corinne and to hear about her life touring and what she's been up to lately! From the minute the show started we were completely enthralled by the story. I am a sucker for true stories so the fact that this show and the characters were based off of real events and people made me that much more invested. Everyone should see this show because it is completely relevant to the world and the events that are happening in it now. This is a timeless show because it holds messages within it that will continually be important for us, as human beings to understand and remember. We are all from the same universe. Different locations, but all from the same universe in it's whole. We are different, but at the same time we are one. RUN to see this show. It is unbelievably moving, informative, entertaining, enthralling, eye-opening and so much more. I cannot say enough good things about it. Thank you again to Randy Adams for the tickets to experience this beautiful story!

Shout out to all the Otters out there, near and far! Thanks for following my journey (: Keep spreading the love! (: 


 Pre-performance Pop Tarts!  

Pre-performance Pop Tarts!  

Last Week of Internship!!!

Last Week of Internship!!!

WEEK #8 (the week of February 20th)

Yep, you read that right. This was my last week of internship! I know, crazy fast. I feel like I blinked and it was over! It was definitely a bittersweet week knowing that my internship journey was about to be over. It was kind of sad and weird to know that I had completed my last "class" for my undergraduate career. That thought really hit me on the last day. Of course, I was excited too because now I was going to be able to go on auditions more often and expand on doing what I've been trained to do while I was at Otterbein. Speaking of Otterbein, I was absolutely beaming with Otter Pride when I was sitting in on a Buddy Holly session and Otterbein's very own Marina Pires walked in for an appointment for the role of Maria Elena. Absolutely every aspect of Marina's appointment was STUNNING. She completely became the character, dropped into the given circumstances, acted truthfully and adjusted her material beautifully when she was asked. I could not have been happier to have watched Marina story-tell her material and to have been able to support her from behind the table. I am so thankful for the experiences, such as this one, that I was given at Tara Rubin Casting, but it's time for the next chapter on my journey and I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing some familiar faces behind the table for upcoming auditions (: 

This week was also exciting because we were in our first rehearsal studio for More Than/Less Than at Shetler Studios! Woo!! Not that I didn't love rehearsing in the comfort of my own apartment in the ever lovely Washington Heights! It was on the smaller side, but it was actually the perfect size for our location of the play anyways: a college dorm room! In addition to this we had a lovely group of people next door belting Britney Spears, Journey and other great songs, which also reminded us of being in a college dorm building haha! So that definitely helped us get into our environment and focus a little harder on our own given circumstances in the play (:

That's all for now, friends. Thanks for checking in (: 



Thanks for everything, Tara Rubin Casting Agency!  

A Week of Favorites!

A Week of Favorites!

WEEK #7 (the week of February 13th)

The days that I get to see loved ones who I no longer live near are extra special so with that being said this week was exactly that. Having more of the people that I love in the city I love is practically a dream come true!

This week at internship we finished sending all of those School of Rock emails I talked about in my last blog. PRAISE!!! Thank goodness, I thought they were never going to end!! Although, It was really cool just getting to see how many theatres and music venues are actually in other cities besides New York. I’m going to be so curious to see who is cast in the role of Dewey Finn in result from these open calls and where he’s from!

I am so thrilled to say, that we had our first rehearsal for More Than/Less Than this week! More Than/Less Than is an amazing ten-minute play that my dear friend and classmate, Steven Meeker Jr. wrote and was one of 7 shows accepted into the Manhattan Theatre Repertory short play competition! YAY STEVEN! I feel so blessed to be making my New York acting debut alongside some of my very best friends. Other people involved are my dear friends Evan Moore-Coll (Director), Lauren Kent in the role of Mia, and Rebecca Schafer in the role of Lily the R.A. It feels truly wonderful to be up on my feet again and creating with some amazingly talented people. This show is hilarious, truthful, deep, completely relatable and so much more all in one. I’m not gonna tell you anymore though, so if you’re reading this and can get here one of the days we perform, your butt better be in those seats! (: We perform Wednesday, March 1st at 6:30pm and Saturday, March 4th at 6:30pm as well and hopefully (depending on if you come out and support us and then vote for us to continue on in the competition) we will perform on Saturday, March 11th in the finals! So pretty please with a cherry on top, come out and see this show that we’ve all been working on and having so much fun with! You can reserve your ticket at manhattanrep.com/march-short-play-competition-2017/ .

To end the work week I had the opportunity to see Significant Other with my friend and classmate, Luke Kenneth Hayden Stewart, and what a please that was. I absolutely LOVED that show. It was incredibly raw, humanistic and hilarious.  I was cracking up at times and then other times during it, it felt like my heart was crumbling.  It was an absolute emotional rollercoaster from start to finish and you were with the characters on their life journey every step of the way. Gideon Glick had me completely entranced in his character’s story. If you’ve seen the movies Silver Linings Playbook, The Edge of Seventeen or Perks of Being a Wallflower, then you’d understand what I’m saying when I say that this play takes you to the absolute height of comedy to the absolute lowest point of a dramatic situation. This show might very well be my favorite of what I’ve seen on Broadway since I’ve moved here. If you haven’t seen it, GO SEE THIS PLAY and let me know because I’ll gladly go again.

That’s it for now, lovely people! As always, thank you for taking the time to follow my journey here in the Big Apple.


I also took a stroll through Central Park, and I will NEVER get tired of looking at all of it's beauty along with the city.

Rocking and Rolling!

Rocking and Rolling!

WEEK 6 (the week of February 6th)  

Event: Museum

Hi friends!

This week contained my first SNOW DAY!!! (: YAY! I LOVED waking up and seeing the park outside of my window and the sparkly snow completely covering it while the huge fluffy flakes fell down. I was completely content staying all cozied up in my bed and just gazing out the window at winter’s beauty!

School of Rock seemed to kind of be the main theme of this week! Tara Rubing Casting is in search of an actor to play the role od Dewey Finn in the Broadway production of School of Rock so Jenna and I were assigned a project to research schools, theatres, publications, websites, wedding bands, music clubs and comedy clubs in New York, Toronto, LA, Chicago and a couple other locations to email flyers with the open call to. You might think, “oh that’s a piece of cake”! but boy oh boy, there are A LOT of all of the above. Trying to find contact information for some places was like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Because, finding lists of places, yes, was easy. It was the finding their contacts that was the difficult thing. We were sending the flyer through email, so if there was no email listed then we would call the location and ask for an email. It was fun though when we got to leave a voicemail at the place and then the location would call back asking for us actually, a change of pace I’d say! So this task was a bit tiring and repetitive (especially once we started sending the emails), but nonetheless WE DID IT! WOO!

My friend and classmate, David, was also kind enough to offer up a free ticket to see School of Rock with him, so of course I was like YES PLEASE!! It is so hard to believe that Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote that show. You think of all the other things he’s wrote such as Phantom of the Opera and Sunset Boulevard, and when you think about School of Rock it’s just like, one of these is not the same! Not that Phantom of the Opera and Sunset Boulevard are the same, but theyre also not a pop rock musical haha! Nonetheless, the talent up on that stage was unreal. Those kids absolutely BLEW ME AWAY. They were so cute, talented and looked like they were having so much fun and all seemed completely invested in the show. The energy was absolutely radiating into the audience. The actor who played the role of Dewey Finn when I saw it had an UNREAL voice. My goodness you must have to have such vocal training and vocal health knowledge to sing that track so frequently and not lose your voice. I will never be able to get over how talented those kids were though.

If you have not been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, GO. It is a true spectacle. However, when you go, make sure you give yourself the whole day because there is sooooo much to see and explore and you’ll want to take your time so you’re not overwhelmed. I’m a sucker for seeing how fashion has grown over the time periods and in the different cultures so I of course fell in LOVE with the jewelry from the Greeks and Ancient Egyptians. It was absolutely breathtaking to see. I definitely will go back to this museum again to explore more of the exhibits, because I unfortunately ran out of time to see every single one of them!

Have a lovely rest of the week/weekend and thanks for stopping by! (:


Too stoked to rock out!! 🤘🏻 

Inspiration, Love and Support!

Inspiration, Love and Support!


Hi all!

If you’ve been keeping up with my blogs you’ll know I last left off with my arrival in NYC at 7:30am. I was NOT going to be late for internship so in my comfy, cozy, layered “groutfit” (also know as an all gray outfit) I began the journey to Tara Rubin Casting Agency, suitcase and all. Thank goodness for buses from the airport that take you right into the city for $15! YES $15! If you’re ever flying into a NY airport check out NYC Airporter buses to get into the city, they are amazing! Once I got to where I needed to be I realized how ridiculous I must’ve looked rolling my suitcase into the office with my backpack and decked out in my all gray comfies. Thank goodness I had a little time to change!

This week at work I had the opportunity to tape the Carlotta u/s and Swing callbacks for the Phantom of the Opera Tour, which was so cool seeing as Phantom of the Opera is one of my dream shows! Can you say “GOOSEBUMPS?!” Taping for auditions and callbacks is great because you get to be in the room but you really have to be on you’re A-game! You can’t get too invested in watching the person auditioning because you have to make sure you’re recording or not recording at the right times! It’s important to start recording right as the person begins their material and stop it as soon as they finish so you don’t have extra to cut out when editing. You really have to be alert because if for some reason you miss one of the takes of the material performed and then it’s not there for when they send it to the team it could have a big impact on the casting and I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t want to be responsible for affecting that! I definitely am looking forward to recording more auditions and callbacks even though its high stakes!

Saturday we had rehearsal with our professors from Otterbein, Lori Kay Harvey and Chris Kirk for our preview Showcase performance for Otterbein Alumni! It was soo great to see my classmates and my professors all together! It felt like forever since I’d seen some my classmates since we all have been so busy with our internships. However, at the same time it felt like no time had passed. It was amazing to see how much our pieces had grown and changed. After our rehearsal I knew we were ready for our performance on Sunday for the alumni! (: So fast forward to that! I am SO THANKFUL for the Otterbein family that I have. Even off campus we are all surrounded by a huge pool of supportive people. Our preview went AMAZING and it was so great to get up on my feet and perform for the first time in New York City!! (: I loved getting to meet alumni I had never met before and see the ones I hadn’t seen in a while! They all had such insightful feedback for us and I’m so grateful that this was organized.  I truly felt overwhelmed by the love and support that filled the room that day. I think I can speak for my whole class when I say we feel even more prepared for our Showcase in March now.

In between our rehearsal and performance, Jenna and I had the honor to see the incomparable Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard, thanks to Tara Rubin Casting! Talk about an all-star cast. I was absolutely blown away by the 40-piece orchestra, set, lighting, costumes, sound and talent up on that stage. I only knew a few of the songs and did not know the plot so I had no idea what to expect. I was completely floored by the show. I LOVED every second of it. It is so twisted and moving. You would never guess that Glenn Close is 70 years old. She was absolutely unbelievable and I could watch her in that show over and over. What an amazing story-teller she is. Everyone needs to go see this show, every aspect of it is absolutely stunning.

This week was also my dear Mama’s birthday so I’d like to give her a shout out and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! STO LAT!!! (: I’m so bummed I couldn’t be home to celebrate with you but I know you were in good hands.  I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you in March!!!

I know this was a long one, but thanks for sticking around with me ‘til the end!

See you guys next week! (:



Happy Birthday to my beautiful, Mama!  

A Little Here, A Little There!

A Little Here, A Little There!


This week was a little all over the place, and so was I. The week started off with a lovely adventure to find an urgent care that took my insurance. Woof. Let me tell you, running around and riding the subway around New York while you’re sick and it’s windy, rainy and cold is not my cup of tea haha. On the bright side, in my attempt to find an urgent care that took my insurance I got to see some parts of New York that I hadn’t before, i.e. 215th st! Unfortunately, the urgent care near there did not take my insurance, unlike what the website led me to believe, so then I made a delightful trip all the way down to 42nd st. and thankfully achieved my goal! Unfortunately, this was the first time I had to miss internship as well L but I know how important self-care is and I did not want to expose other people in the office to my bug! After a week of steroids and antibiotics, that bug was kicked to the curb! Thank goodness! After my first dose of those, I was able to return to work the next day feeling much better and back on my game (:

We got our first utility bill and let me tell you, I was nervous to see that number. What a pleasant surprise it was to see that it was MUCH less than I expected and even better it was going to be split 3 ways! And I am sooo thankful for radiator heat!!!

That week Jenna and I had the opportunity to see the Broadway production of On Your Feet! and it was an ABSOLUTE BLAST! We were definitely “on our feet” by the end of the show! The dancing was INCREDIBLE. I don’t understand how they were even moving their bodies that way. You have to have an immense amount of training in that style to be able to what they were doing on that stage. I swear they were moving all parts of their bodies in different ways all at once, it was amazing. Go see this show, Gloria Estefan’s story is incredible. You will have a ball and leave feeling so inspired!

I had the pleasure of ending my week with a quick trip home to Columbus (and Toledo for like 4 hours) for the Roundtable Theatre Awards! It felt so weird to be back. Not a bad weird, just weird. It’s crazy how quickly you adapt to the city. After just over a month, being in a car felt so weird since I’ve gotten so accustomed to being in a subway! I was able to spend quality time with loved ones (including but not just my sweet puppy nephew!) that I’ve been missing quite a bit and nothing beats time like that. Although it was SUPER short (arrived in Columbus Saturday 11am, headed back to Toledo on Sunday night at 10pm, flew out of Detroit at 6am) it was well worth the trip just to see my loved ones.

So yes, literally all over the place! If you’re exhausted from reading this, I don’t blame you. However, I so appreciate you taking the time to do so!

Have a beautiful day all, see you next time! (:


My sweet puppy nephew, Ralphie! 😍 

OJ and Equity and Broadway, oh my!

OJ and Equity and Broadway, oh my!

WEEK 3 (The week of January 16th):
Broadway Show

This week was a whirlwind. GREAT, but definitely a whirlwind!

As much OJ as I tried chugging, to no avail, I caught the bug that has been going around NYC. As if our weeks here weren't already tiring, add a sinus infection onto that, WOOF. As our favorite blue fish, Dory, would say "Just keep swimming!" which is exactly what I've been doing (:

On Monday I received exciting news that I had been nominated for EXCELLENCE IN A LEAD ROLE- MUSICAL (FEMALE) for my role as Marian Paroo, in The Music Man, for the 2017 Theatre Roundtable Awards! I feel very fortunate and thankful to have been nominated for one of my favorite roles I have ever portrayed at one of my favorite places, Weathervane Playhouse. This role, musical, and theatre company will always hold a special place in my heart.

Last week we also had the privilege of meeting at the Actor's Equity Office for an information session with Tom Miller. Shout out to Otterbein University for being awesome and setting this up for my class! First off, this building is AMAZING. They have a sky lounge. I mean, come on! How cool is that? With a café and coffee and everything! Very modern and high tech. This meeting was so helpful, I took PAGES of notes. Ranging from different kinds of insurance, pensions, different unions, how to know if you're ready to become equity, applying to be EMC, you name it, it was probably covered! I definitely feel less overwhelmed headed into Showcase and being here with all this new information. 

To end the week, my wonderful friends and classmates Dana, Steven, Evan and I went to see our friend Jordan's (previously mentioned in last weeks blog) closing performance as Raoul in Broadway's The Phantom of the Opera. Literally in the very last row, but that didn't matter! What a bittersweet experience this was. This being one of my all-time favorite shows and also getting to see a friend perform in his dream show was so special. I was a mess as soon as the overture started, per usual. This show no matter how many times I see it, it always moves me to tears, ever since I was little. It is one of the most powerful love stories out there, in my opinion. As always, Jordan delivered a stunning performance and his passion shined through in the role of Raoul. At the curtain call, the Phantom, portrayed by James Barbour, made a beautiful speech dedicated to Jordan as a person, performer and his journey and I can't even begin to imagine what was going through Jordan's mind at that moment. Heck, I don't even know what Dana, Steven, Evan and I were thinking! Needless to say, Dana, Steven, Evan and I were simply awestruck. Definitely a night we will all remember fondly! 

 Thanks for stopping by and ta-ta for now! (:


After Jordan's closing night. Congrats, Jordan! 😊

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Choice Event with at least one other classmate
Off Broadway Show
Try food you've never eaten

Life is crazy!! But so wonderful. I love the fast paced life here. The busy streets, the people bustling everywhere, all the noises I hear where ever I go. It's still a little bit surreal to me to think that I am living here, in New York City. The days are definitely long. I'm not used to having to sit at a desk for 8 hours at a time. I can get pretty restless some days which then leads to me shaking my leg which is probably a little too much for the close proximity that Jenna and I are in (Sorry Jenna!) Speaking of Jenna, she was finally back after being super sick the first week we started, YAY!! It's a lot easier to sit for 8 hours at a desk when you're sharing the day with one of your close friends and classmates, that's for sure. Definitely thankful to have her back (: We were put on phone duty last week, and it is SO easy to get frazzled especially when there's a certain dialogue that you are supposed to follow when talking! Who would've thought?! It's also really hard to hear/ understand the people on the other end of the phone sometimes, so when taking a message it's really easy to butcher someone's name unless you have them spell it for you...not that I'm speaking from experience or anything...*cough cough*. Also, the mini panic attacks that Jenna and I have trying to remember whose turn it is to answer the phone are kind of hilarious. Just picture it. Alas, Jenna and I are plowing through and taking internship one day at a time!

To end our first week together at internship, Jenna and I celebrated by treating ourselves to some nutritional Taco Bell (; and La La Land! What a MAGICAL movie it was. I had heard so many different reviews of the movie, most of which people were gushing about it, so of course that only made me more excited but I was like "No Natalie! Get a hold of yourself! Don't get too excited because then your hopes will be too high and you'll be disappointed no matter how amazing the movie actually is!" Luckily, I was able to watch the whole movie with no pre-conceived notions of what to expect, and HOLY MOLY! Can we just talk about how big the movie theatres here are?! My goodness, I felt like I was in the coliseum! Anyways, back on track. It was cinematically beautiful. The music was ethereal and whimsical and had an essence of timelessness to it. Needless to say, I've been listening to the soundtrack non-stop. Although, people argue that it was no good because of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling's dancing and singing I disagree. I think for the style of the movie and the music they were perfect. They told the story, that was their job, and I commend them on it. I thought the group numbers were incredibly choreographed and beautiful. Overall, two-thumbs up, would recommend! (: After that we took a lovely stroll to Lincoln Center and The Met and what a sight those two are. Definitely somewhere everyone needs to see at some point in their lives.

Saturday night, my wonderful friend and classmate Steven Meeker Jr. treated me to seeing my first Off Broadway show, A Dog Story, which had the cheesy but cute tag line "Sometimes love has to lick you in the face". What a treat that was! It was a short hour and 45 minutes with no intermission. It was so quirky, funny and contemporary. The music was really catchy and the rest of the night Steven and I were singing one of the title songs "Get a Dog" to each other randomly, people who hadn't seen the show probably were looking at us like we were out of our minds haha! My favorite part, was that for the majority of the show they pantomimed having a dog but then at the very end of the show for the finale a real puppy came running out and OH MY GOODNESS I think my heart melted. I definitely think Steven was embarrassed by my swooning over that cute pup. What an adorable and fuzzy night of theatre!

After that, we "stage-doored" (also known as waiting for someone to tend to their adoring fans) our good friend, Jordan Donica, after his performance as Raoul in The Phantom of the Opera and we were all hungry (per usual) so we headed over to Glass House Tavern for something tasty. Jordan introduced us to these things called Risotto Balls and they are exactly what they sound like. Fried balls of risotto. Does anything sound more decadent or rich? I don't think so. They literally melt in your mouth, my mouth is salivating just thinking of them. So...go to Glass House Tavern in New York and treat yourself to a trip to heaven in your mouth!

To end a great second week, I had my first babysitting job!! The little girl, Aurora, is adorable and so intelligent, if you have ever seen the movie Enchanted (if you have, yay for you! If you haven't...go watch it now!) she reminds me of Patrick Dempsey's daughter, Morgan, in the movie! Spunky, sweet and bright! They also have the cutest bulldog named Mary who is just a hoot! Aurora loves makeovers, hair and nails, so she's pretty much like the little sister I never had but always wanted! I'm definitely looking forward to more babysitting adventures with this cute little family.

2 weeks in, and still kicking! Thanks for tuning in and following along on my journey. Can't wait to share more adventures with you! (: 

Hugs from "The Big Apple"- Natalie (:



Exploring Lincoln Center! ✨ 

All Smiles (:

All Smiles (:

Choice event, something for you: St. Malachy's, The Actors' Chapel

I never knew I could be in love with a place until now, but I truly think I am in love with this beautiful, crazy, city. Just a little over a week of living here, and I feel as though I've been here for so much longer. Almost as If I've always been here, in a way. I'm smiling everywhere I go at every person I see. I was telling Evan (one of my best friends/classmates/roommate) that I don't think I've stopped smiling since we've gotten here. I know, how cheesy can I get? 

I can't quite name exactly why I feel this way, but I'm so glad I do. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I'm living with one of my very best friends and classmates, and am also a short walk or easy subway ride from the rest of them. Within the first week of living here, I saw one my classmates or friends every day, not counting the one I live with either! How blessed am I to move to my favorite city ever with some of my absolute favorite people? We already met up once for dinner at this yummy place called Heights Tavern not too far from our places, and I have a feeling/hope that weekly dinners (at least once a week) will become a regular thing for us Otters in the city (: Seeing some of my favorite people, in my favorite city is a golden combination.

Completing my first week in the city, also means that I completed my first week at Tara Rubin Casting!!! YAY!! I survived and made it through the week without too many blonde moments and awkward encounters!! Thankfully, I am doing the internship with one of my fellow classmates/friends, so we're figuring this out together, PHEW! The first day was kind of hilarious when you think about it. We were so nervous/excited about it all. We didn't have much of an idea what to expect and we were trying to gauge what was okay and what wasn't in the office which made me feel a bit rickety haha. For example, I think most of the day consisted of whispering and trying/sometimes failing to read each other's lips to communicate in fear of being too loud or seeming clueless haha. When we did choose to ask questions, of course, the answer was right in front of us, while other times we tried figuring things out through some warped type of sign language, which we were wrong about and then had to correct and backtrack. So when in doubt, after searching for the answer for yourself, even right in front of your nose, ask questions!!

I had the pleasure of sitting in on two Broadway auditions/screenings my first week. The first one on my second day was for the role of Frieda in A Bronx Tale and the second one was for Raoul in The Phantom of the Opera. Both were at the legendary Pearl Studios and as I stood in front of the entrance looking at the address, I couldn't help but feel like I was floating on air. Sitting in on those auditions was one of the most incredible things. I truly felt like I was dreaming and like I needed to pinch myself. I had chills, got teary eyed and my heart felt so alive and exhilarated. I almost feel like I was having an out of body experience. In fact, I feel like I have those a lot here, where time stops and I realize where I am, what I'm doing and just how fortunate I am. Those moments are my absolute favorite and I can recall them vividly each time after they've happened.  I am in the city of my dreams, pursuing my dreams and could not be happier.

Because we're all human, we all have embarrassing moments, right? So here's my most recent embarrassing moment. Since my parents didn't want me to have pepper spray, they decided to buy me a Clip Alarm. "What's a Clip Alarm" you ask?. Well, you attach it to yourself or something you have with you and, God forbid, something happens and you need to get the attention of other people, you pull the clip off of it's holder and when the two ends meet a screeching high alarm sounds off. So, I thought my keychain would be a good place to keep it since I know I always have my keys on me. I also keep my keys hooked on my backpack which was sitting on the floor in the office right by my feet...I'm sure you can see where this is going. Well Jenna (my fellow intern, friend and classmate) had just gotten up to leave the office and go to the bathroom and I was reaching down to put something away in my bag and just as the door to the office was closing, I about jumped out of my seat because of this insanely loud and high pitched screeching and everyone in the office is like "What is THAT noise?!"  and I'm like I'm like "What the heck?! Did Jenna set a door alarm off?" and then I can feel my face turn red as I realize that it's my Clip Alarm going off!! Of course then I panic to find it exactly and because my brain is freaking out I somehow forget how to turn it off, prolonging the high pitched noise until I come to my senses and get it under control. WOOF. I then preceded to apologize profusely and explain (or ramble) that my parents didn't want me to have pepper spray and that it was my Clip Alarm system and I somehow managed to clumsily set it off with my feet. How does one even do that?! Needless to say, I will no longer be keeping my keys on the floor! 

To finish a whirlwind of a week, I attended mass by myself on Sunday at St. Malachy's, which is also known as The Actor's Chapel. I could not be happier that I went. I'd been to the church one time before, when I was visiting with my family in high school. I don't think I appreciated it nearly as much then as I did on Sunday. I felt as though I was seeing it for the first time in all it's glory. It was so beautifully decorated for Christmas so their nativity scene was up and it was so moving. As I sat in the pew, I looked around at all the different people. Realizing that probably at least half of them were visiting from out of town and realized that I am no longer the visitor, or the tourist. I am a New Yorker. That thought alone, was enough to make my heart flutter and make me teary eyed, yet again. Another moment that reminded me that I'm pursuing my dreams and am so grateful for the life I have been gifted.

There is so much more that I could say, but to keep this from turning in to a novel, I'll end it here. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and allowing me to share some of my experiences with you. 

Until next time, beautiful people. Here's to more stories, learning, adventures, and smiles all around! (: 





 Can you tell that I'm excited?  

Can you tell that I'm excited?  

Ev and Nat Take NYC Day 1 ✨

Ev and Nat Take NYC Day 1 ✨

As I lay on a friend's futon in their two bedroom apartment in Washington Heights, listening to the radiator hum, whistle and rattle, I can't help but feel a sense of belonging. Not meaning in this apartment, but in this city. As one of my classmates and best friends, Evan, and I boarded our train to NYC this morning at 3:20am in Toledo, OH, I couldn't help but feel a mixture of emotions. Excited, scared, anxious, curious, inspired, driven, motivated, joyful, thankful. How could I not feel this way knowing I was going to NYC for the last time as a trip? Knowing the next time I'd be in the city after this, I would be living there and starting a new life. Ahh How crazy cool is that?! It is all becoming real, what has been my dream for the longest time is coming to fruition.

After a 17 hour train ride, while waiting for the subway from Penn Station, my mind was racing with thoughts and questions that I'd never really had before this trip, and I've been here four times before. Some doubt filled, others filled with excitement and wonder. As soon as Evan and I got off at our subway stop with all our luggage, we were both starved because we somehow managed to skip eating since the night before at 11pm (oops!) and conveniently there happened to be a pizza place called Como Pizzeria. Evan barely had to ask me anything before we were in the door ordering some delicious pizza. Ooooh my goodness was it good pizza, and cheap too (; As I sat in the small pizzeria, looking out the window at the Christmas lights on the trees across the street, watching the cars and people go by, my mind calmed down. This is where I want to be. This is where I will be living in about 2.5 weeks. And as I let this sink in, I couldn't help but smile and take another bite of my wonderful slice of pizza. 

 So tasty!!! 😋 

So tasty!!! 😋 

"Kiss of the Spider Woman"

"Kiss of the Spider Woman"

          I recently had the pleasure of going to see my classmate and friend, Alex Armesto, perform as Esteban in "Kiss of the Spider Woman" at Short North Stage in Columbus, Ohio. I had heard of the show but I had never listened to the music before and knew nothing about the storyline so I had no idea what to expect. I have seen a few other shows at Short North Stage and have always been impressed by the talent, so I knew even if I didn't like the show itself, I would enjoy the talent! However, as it turned out I LOVED the show and of course the talent as well. I was simply blown away by the book, score, and storyline. The show deals with topics and issues that are parallel to what's going on in the world today, which made the show that much more poignant. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and was completely invested, which is why at the end I was completely heartbroken (I won't give details in case you don't know the show). Kander & Ebb seem to be know for writing shows that make us think and question things occurring in society, one example being "Cabaret". "Kiss of the Spider Woman" definitely does not fall short of that expectation. I left the show thinking and questioning everything. My favorite kinds of shows are the ones that make us do that. The music was also so haunting and gorgeous I have been listening to it nonstop. This production is definitely one for the books! Congratulations to everyone involved!

If you have not seen this show or listened to it, go and see it! Even if you have seen it somewhere else, go and see the production at Short North Stage, it will open your eyes and leave you wondering and wanting more. It runs for one more weekend. I've listed the link to buy tickets below!


Thanks for reading, see you next time! (:


How Does One "Blog?"

How Does One "Blog?"

So I realized writing a blog is really hard. Especially if you don't have specific news or a specific topic you want to write about. On the other hand you could have tons of ideas! That's where I'm at right now. I feel like there's a lot that I could potentially write about but then it's like "is that what's supposed to go in a blog?" Are there any rules to what should or shouldn't go in a blog? I'm not really sure so I guess I'll just play the game of trial and error! 

For this one, I'll bullet the highlights of my weekend, whee!

  • Opened The Addams Family (and had a blast doing it! Check out the links to reviews below)
  • Got to see/spend time with my beautiful family before and after The Addams Family
  • Parents Brunch with some of my amazing classmates and their families (we are so lucky to have these wonderful support systems)
  • My brother got a puppy, which means I'm an Aunt!!! Cutest. Puppy. Ever. His name is Ralph and he is currently 7wks. old and is a Beagle mix (my heart)!!!

If there's anything you think that should go in a blog or  that you would specifically like me to write about, please let me know! I would be happy to hear from you! 

Thanks, friends! Til next time (:

The Addams Family Reviews


"Much More" Magic!

"Much More" Magic!

Hi friends!

This past summer I performed at Weathervane Playhouse in Newark, OH for their 2016 Summer Season and had the absolute time of my life. Can you say "summer magic"? I am so fortunate to have spent my summer working with some of the most kind, supportive and talented people I've ever met. The atmosphere at Weathervane was like home. I instantly felt like I was a member of a new family and like I had just begun the journey of something very special. Little did I know, how true that feeling would come to be. I was so sad to see the summer end, knowing I wouldn't get to work on those shows again with those people in that venue and also not knowing when I would get to see those people again, at all. Which is why, when I was offered the role of Luisa in Weathervane's Fall Production of The Fantasticks, I could not say "yes!" fast enough. I cannot wait to be back at Weathervane Playhouse, working with some of the amazing people I was fortunate enough to work with this past summer, on one of my favorite shows! The show runs October 13th-October 22nd, if you're interested in tickets and showtimes/dates get in touch with me!

'Til next time lovely people! XO